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Get glass.  Make flying simple.

Still flying around with steam gauges?  Keep your aircraft and upgrade your avionics. 

Build your custom glass panel and move into the next generation of flight.

Upgrade your panel.
Move into the next generation of flight.

Justin Ryan, former President of Honeywell BendixKing

"I've put about 650 hours on my panel since you installed it in 2017 - still love it.  Flown it all over the US, from AK to FL, MA to CA."

John King, King Schools
San Diego, CA

"We have been taking our aircraft to Neal Aviation for several years now.  They have solved some difficult avionics problems that have perplexed our team.  They have been instrumental in troubleshooting our Falcon 10 and have been consistent and extremely reliable over the years.  It gives Martha and I great comfort to have Neal Aviation's expertise in this area."

Joe Graham, ATP/CFI AIM of Westland Aviation

"I'm honored to be one of Neal's earliest customers.  The shop, as it has grown, has turned into the premier avionics shop in Southern California if not the West.  Their prices are fair, and they specialize in state-of-the-art Garmin."

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