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General Aviation

We specialize in avionics upgrades and retrofit for general aviation and experimental aircraft.

We specialize in avionics upgrades, custom panels and troubleshooting in all types of aircraft.

2024 Flat Rate Services Pricing

These are the current flat rate prices. For those not listed, please request a quote.

VFR (91.413) Transponder Check - $150
IFR (91.411) Single System / Unpressurized - $400
IFR (91.411) Dual System / Unpressurized - $700

IFR (91.411) Rotorcraft- $750
IFR (91.411) Pressurized - $850
RVSM - $2,150

Software Updates - $250 per unit
Battery Service - $300
ELT Bench Inspection - $250
O2 Service on-site at Neal Aviation - $150
Travel Fee – (hours x labor rate) + mileage ($.65/mile)
AOG Callout – double-time with a four (4) hour minimum

Our Partners

We are proud to partner with the most respected and reliable companies in the industry. 

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